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Health Officials Study Pennsylvania Waste Dump
NAFTA is the real Problem Hazleton Way is not the American way
Drew Magill - Be Grateful Airport Funds Dropped Polycythemia Vera
Testimony of Robert Gadinski - Expert: Monitoring wells subpar H.R.A.
Expert testifies at dredge hearing Opponents attempt to halt dredge use
Local Industries want Health and Safety Regulations to be Voluntary
Dredge isn't the way Dredging the Delaware would kill everything
Beryllium Returning to Hazleton, and still the silence of the lambs
The Silence of the Lambs Hazle against Dredge Land and Fly Ash Pictures
Skrepenak's reference to God shows lust for material wealth and temporal power
Speeding Dredge Truck Stops Short of School Bus Nilles Questions Dredge Dredge Fails, yet comes to Hazleton
The dredge question: Donít forget our past environmental problems
Dredge pact may have left taxpayers in the dark Support Suffer Amphitheater? What amphitheater?
Philly Sewage coming to Hazleton Health study set on sludge land The Kline Letter - DREDGE
We'll Take all the Muck we can get. Dry Test Wells Fly ash harms health.
PCB's PADEP limits env. activity My McAdoo Home

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Olympus SP-560UZ Underwater Images 
Fishies Photojournal For Dive Travelers
Bonaire 2011 Pix BOA Review Bonaire 2011 Slideshow
Turks 2011 Pix T&C Explorer II Review Turks Slideshow
Bonaire 2010 Pix BOA Review Bonaire 2010 Slideshow
St. Croix 2009 Pix Nekton St. Croix Review St. Croix 2009 Slideshow
Bonaire 2008 Pix Den Laman Review Bonaire 2008 Slideshow
Alphabetical Index of Scubadad's Fish Pictures
Canon HV-10 Underwater Videos 
Fishies Photojournal For Dive Travelers
Bonaire 2007 Pix Carib Inn Review Bonaire 2007 Slideshow
Tilefish Construction Permit at Red Slave Reef Fish Disappearing
Rainbow Parrots Jackknife and Drums Flounders
Porgies Bonaire Eels 2011 Bonaire Angels 2011
Caicos Angels Caicos Explorer Divers Invading Lionfish
T & C Rays Caicos Reef Sharks French Cay Juvenile Drum
Open Wide Nurse Sharks at G-Spot Life Cycle of the French Angel
Curious George Tours the Suffolk Maid Curious George Comes up for Air Curious George Returns
Bonaire Eels Trunkfish In Action E.T. Phone Home
Salsa v Squeaky Parrotfish Munching Bonaire Squid
White Spotted Filefish Cleaner Shrimp Dinnertime For Eels
Roca Partida Mantas Laurie Diving St. Croix One Night in Bonaire
Alphabetical Index of Scubadad's Fish Pictures
Canon S80 Underwater Images 
Fishies Photojournal For Dive Travelers
Revillagigedo 2007 Pix Nautilus Explorer Review Revillagigedo 2007 Slideshow
Bonaire 2006 Pix Buddy's Dive Review Bonaire 2006 Slideshow
Alphabetical Index of Scubadad's Fish Pictures

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

Olympus Digital Underwater Images 

Fishies Photojournal For Dive Travelers
Red Sea Pix Red Sea Review Red Sea Slideshow
Bonaire 2005 Pix Bonaire 2005 Review Bonaire 2005 Slideshow
Sea of Cortez Pix Sea of Cortez Review Sea of Cortez Slideshow
Bonaire 2004 Pix Bonaire 2004 Review Bonaire 2004 Slideshow
Mona Island Pix Mona Rorqual Review Mona Island Slideshow
Alphabetical Index of Scubadad's Fish Pictures

Digital Video Underwater Images 

Fishies Photojournal For Dive Travelers
Aquacat Pix Aquacat Slideshow Cafe Press
Grenada Pix #1 Grenada Pix > <#2Grenada Slideshow
Cayman Pix Brac Pix Fishies >
Roatan Pix #1 Roatan Pix > <#2Roatan Slideshow
Utila Pix #1 Utila Pix #2 Utila >
Bonaire Pix #1 Bonaire Pix #2 Bonaire Slideshow
St. Kitts Pix #1 St. Kitts Pix #2 St. Kitts Slideshow
Belize Pix #1 Belize Pix #2 Belize Slide Show
Belize Zoo > < Altun Ha - Belize Lehigh River >
Blackbeard's > <#1Blackbeard's #2 Bahamas Slideshow
Little Cayman > <#1LittleCayman #2 Bloody Bay Slides
Alphabetical Index of Scubadad's Fish Pictures

Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., December 11, 1964

Video Fishie Snappies 

Blackbeard's Hickey Trip 93 94 95 96 97 98
Bonaire, N.A., July 1993 Grand Turk, July 1994
 Hawaii, November 1995 Bonaire, Capt. Don's, July 1997
Bonaire, Grand Cayman and the Great Barrier Reef, 1996
Port Lucaya Xanadu Eels and Sharks, January 1996
St. Lucia, August 1998 Index of all ScubaDad's Fishies

Maria and Baby - Donkey Sanctuary - Bonaire

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Only when the last tree has died

And the last river been poisoned

And the last fish been caught

Will we realize that we cannot eat MONEY".

19th Century Cree Indian saying

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Moray Eel Slideshow Shrimp Drum Slides
Parrotfish Slideshow Angelfish Turtles
Trumpetfish Slideshow Filefish Sharks
Grouper Slideshow Crabs Butterflyfish

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