Letters to the editor
 The dredge question: Don’t forget our past environmental problems

  Editor, I think the dredge/fly ash/demolition waste issue needs to be viewed in per­spective with the Greater Hazleton Area’s past and present environmental prob­lems. It would be wise for all area citi­zens, especially the young men and women who plan to raise families here, to review and inform themselves.
  I suggest starting with the McAdoo Associates Superfund site located in Kline Township. Contrary to citizens’ demands, the state and federal governments capped the site. Capping a site is the most desirable option for industry and their representatives in government because it is the least expensive.
  This is as wrong as wrong can be. Haz­ardous waste, which, in my opinion, includes river dredge and fly ash, should be removed at the expense of the indus­try or industries that put it there and dealt with at a licensed hazardous waste facility.
  As it turns out, the McAdoo Associates
site is now being investigated in relation to a rare medical condition being experi­enced by citizens living downstream.
  Also, study the situations that occurred at Beryllium, Chromatex, Tonol­li and C and D Recycling. Look into the attempts to site landfills in Kline, foster and Hazle Townships. Go online to the Toxic Release Inventory sites to see the amounts and types of carcinogenic mate­rials that have been released in the Greater Hazleton Area. These reports go back approximately 20 years.
  Finally, inform yourself about what happened at the former Hazleton Munic­ipal Landfill.
  While the above is just the tip of the iceberg, it will give you perspective about the current dredge/fly ash/demolition waste issue. The former Hazleton Munici­pal Landfill should be a Superfund site.
  The responsible parties should pay for the clean up.
  Given the area’s environmental history and the fact that the former Hazleton
Municipal Landfill must be properly han­dled, the idea of importing dredge/fly ash/demolition waste is an unbelievably simplistic solution that is not in the best interest of the community.
  In fact, the very idea of bringing enor­mous quantities of waste into the com­munity is beyond understanding. It does not inspire confidence.
  This whole issue was not placed on the ballot because it would have been soundly defeated. That is a black eye for city government. Now the State is allow­ing the project to move forward before a full public dissection of the issues is heard in court. That is big government at its worst.
  Finally, you need to step up and let your elected officials know how you feel.
  If you remain silent they will proclaim your support. If you remain silent they will do as they please.
Mike Sauers, Hazleton

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