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Sunset House

Sunset House is a beautiful resort located just east of Georgetown, Grand Cayman. The rooms are extremely comfortable, with cable tv, telephones, and glass sliding doors. The grounds are very nice with dive shop, Cathy Church Photo Shop, outdoor bar, and SeaHarvest Restaurant all conveniently located in a small area. There is also a pool with a jacuzzi. Meals and service at the SeaHarvest are excellent, a wonderful dining experience.

The dive shop is very efficient. Everyone is given a locker key to a full length locker complete with two large hangers for wetsuits and skins. I had three totally different diving experiences in my days at the Sunset House. This is one of the few operations in the Caymans with shore diving right at the hotel. I did two night dives and one afternoon dive directly from the shore at the hotel. The reefs to the south and southeast off the shore are not in the best shape. One can see the toll that thousands of divers diving this area over and over again has taken. To the east, though, the coral is in excellent shape, and the fish life is plentiful. One can experience great diving without leaving the hotel area. We also did two days of two-tank boat diving. These were two totally different experiences. The first day we traveled aboard the Eagle Ray, a very nice vessel, with a complete canopy and a nice size camera table. The only problem was the number of divers on the boat. Movement was totally impossible. The set up involves donning your gear and walking the length of the boat along with 18 other divers. The reefs we visited were Eagle Ray and Armchair. Armchair was an exciting dive full of Tarpons, a huge green moray and a huge slug I've never seen before. We also got to see Cayman's sub submerge. The reefs were in close proximity to the hotel and the coral was not in great condition. The next day we were ferried out to the Manta Ray aboard the Sea Ray. Again there were many divers, but this time there was all the room in the world. The Manta Ray was, by far, the best day travel dive boat I've ever been on; electric heads, tables, two decks, room to spare. The divemasters were much more attentive. The dive briefing was excellent. The diving was great. We visited the Dolphin Northwest Dropoff and Governor's reef. Both reefs were in excellent condition. A group from Sport Diver was aboard doing a shoot.

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