Bonaire 2008 Something Special

Something Special has become one of my favorite divesites. The entry is very easy. Heading north from Kralendyk, turn left at Kaya Lechi. Coming from the north turn right immediately after Bistro Paris onto Kaya Lechi. (The sign is hidden in this direction.) After one block on Kaya Lechi, you will reach the sea. Park. Enter just before the apartments, just North of the moored yachts. In shallow water immediately west of the apartments, you will find a mooring covered with coral and little blennies. Head from there to the marker flag and dive north till the reef ends. Upon return exit when you see the yachts. I have seen, squid, octopi, turtles and every type of fish at this beautiful site.

Click Here to view some u/w images taken at Something Special.

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