Bonaire 2008 Oil Slick Leap

Oil Slick Leap is an very special dive. In 2005 I took many pictures of the resident Seahorse. I'm afraid I didn't find it this year. I should have kept looking. I'm told he's still there. You drive north of the hotels past Santa Barbara. Just as you return to the sea, there is a parking lot to the left and another just beyond on a ledge overlooking the Sea. A wooden pier is built off that ledge with a vertical ladder to the sea. The surge is almost always strong at the cliff ladder, so many people enter by jumping if they don't have cameras. You can also enter and exit with the ladder. The reef is immediately below with no swim. The buoy for boat dives is the center of life for the resident Seahorse and many other sea creatures. The rest of the reef is often home to Rainbow, Blue and Midnight Parrots.

Click Here to view some u/w images taken at Oil Slick Leap.

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