Bonaire 2008 Karpata

Karpata has an interesting entry for a shore dive. The entrance comes just before you reach the right turn to head east toward Rincon on the one way portion of the West Side Highway of Bonaire. You must pass through Rincon on the way back to the rest of the island. There is a nice little parking lot just off the left side of the road. Concrete steps lead to a very small beach full of coral rubble. There is a concrete dock which you can walk out onto through surging sea and coral rubble, creating a somewhat difficult entry when the surge is up. I used the concrete dock as a means of stopping my body from being crashed in the surf. I crawled on the dock, and gently stepped back to the beach and up the steps.

Upon entering the water, you are at the reef. No swim is necessary. The reef is absolutely beautiful, a huge mountain presenting itself for your viewing pleasure. Everything seems larger at Karpata than at most of the fringing reef. It's truly worth the drive and entry.

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