Bonaire 2008 Jeannie's Glory

Jeannie's Glory is the divesite just north of the Salt Pier. The entry involves a bit of a walk over coral rubble and water from your truck. You then have a choice of balance and courage entering the water or sitting in a little nook just north of the parking lot where your feet can stand firmly two feet below your butt while donning your tank. That is how I help my wife enter at Jeannie's. There is a fairly long swim over the sand to the reef, but that can be a great part of the dive. On my two dives at Jeannie's Glory in 2008, I ran across Spotted Eagle Rays cruising over the sand, and digging in the sand. Many beautiful juveniles can also be found in this area. The reef itself is very healthy, and I ran into a school of Barracuda also on both of my dives. If you dive south, you run into the Salt Pier, so be very careful if you hear any engine noise and head north.

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